Tableware Guide


All our porcelain ranges are sourced from leading European manufacturers, and are extremely durable, practical and highly versatile to suit any occasion. All our collections are microwave and dishwasher safe. The only exceptions are certain articles that are decorated with a Gold or Platinum décor. Please see our product descriptions for more information.


Often offering a unique and more natural look, Stoneware is a great choice if you are looking for something a little different and colourful. Affordable and ideal for everyday usage, but equally can be adapted to create a trendy table setting for your dinner parties. To view our Stoneware ranges, take a look at our Rustic Collection.

Glass Plates

Great if you are looking to inject a bit of colour and elegance to your table setting. Using a charger to dress your tables not only provides a beautiful frame for your chosen porcelain, but equally serves as a placemat to protect your table from heat. Use a glass bowl for an alternative way to present your desserts, giving a sense of freshness and clarity to your food presentation. To view some of our hand-made glass plates, take a look at our IVV Collection.

Decorated Porcelain

If you are looking for a more creative and sophisticated table setting to really impress your guests, choose from the various ranges featured in our Gastronomy Collection, that offer either a Gold or Platinum band décor.